James Scott, Duke of Monmouth (fleuriee) wrote in unusual_plants,
James Scott, Duke of Monmouth

Exploding cucumber

Ive got some seeds of Exploding Cucumber :D
(cyclanthera explodens)
has anyone grown these bizzare sounding plants? the place I bought them from said to wear goggles or a face-visor when picking them as they explode so hard..
http://www.realseeds.co.uk/cucumbers.html has some more about them.
If anyone in the UK would like a couple of the seeds for it then i'd be very happy to swap for any other weird veg seeds.
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My one-time geography teacher grew a similar species, and he said that it was just like growing greenhouse cucumbers.

If I had the space, I'd offer to swap some walking stick cabbage seeds, but I don't. :(